Social Media & Online Marketing for Businesses

Need more clients?

More clients means more revenue. More revenue equals more growth, health and wealth for your company. These are the goals of many businesses. Who doesn't want that?


What do we offer?

Acquiring customers for businesses. When there's a system in place, it generates your business new customers 24/7. We offer such a system via paid ads: Google, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

How are we different?

Firstly, we're capable of using the Russian and English languages to target audiences via ads that speak these languages. And to a lesser degree we can target Spanish and Portuguese speaking audiences.

Secondly, being tech savy allows us can create our own marketing software in-house.

In sum, you'd reach better targeted audience, get more flexibility and customization.

Is the output always a 100% positive?

It's not. We're confident, but we aren't perfect. We may fail. And we accept that.

Why? While we know some of the insights of the algorithms of the social media platforms and how their ads work, and have experience, we can't know everything about the matter because not everything is revealed to the public.

Besides, the algorithms are subject to change.

We offer a free strategy session and free trial to reduce a risk for you as our customer.